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MCA Boats Factory

The MCA Boat factory is situated at Craigmore Industerial Estate. Where customers can come and view all the boats on show. Experts tradesmen will be at hand to answer any of your questions.

Craigmore Rd Newry is a large building which is divided into 5 compartments.

The first compartment is the store where materials and up to 30 boats can be stored.

The second compartment is the moulding room. Here 7 moulds can be in use at one time, they are all on pedestals so that they can be easily turned by one person. This is also better for laying up the hulls and can be kept clean by turning them upside down when not in use. The hulls too can be slipped from the moulds causing no damage what so ever.

The third compartment is the finishing room. Here is where the seats, backboards, gunwales, knees and fore-decks etc are fitted. Stainless steel screws are used in all fixings, and the best quality mahogany, which is hand picked, is also used. Keels are all pressurised in a treatment plant. Keel bands are galvanised and are also fastened with stainless steel screws. Customers are welcome to come along at any stage to watch their boat being built. Colours and trimmings can be of the customers choosing. All the boats have a heavy duty moulded non-slip floors, which will not damage lines.

The fourth compartment is the show room. Here 12 boats can be on show.
The fifth compartment is machine room where trailers are manufactured.

MCA Boats
12 Lisgullion Park,
Co Down

Tel or Fax :
OFFICE : (028) 30268260
(After 6.00pm)

FACTORY : (028) 30262309
(Before 6.00pm)



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