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Welcome to the Home Page of MCA Boats presented by Larry McAlinden. This is a family of not only expert tradesmen but also anglers.

Larry Mc Alinden has been fishing for over 40 years and has been working with boats for 30 years. Over this time he has acquired a great deal of expert knowledge on how boats should perform in all weather conditions.

The Fisher Supreme 18.7ft
The King Fisher 19ft
The Fisher Delight 17ft
The Strangford Sixteen 16.4ft

Tohatsu Outboards

A range of boats designed with the angler in mind The boats are designed using years of knowledge and experience in boat performance in all types of angling. Our complete range can be built to customer requirements.

The Fisher Hawk
The Fisher hawk this 15ft boat has a beam of 5ft 3in and is popular for hire with put and take fisheries. It is a very easy to handle boat, and a rubber buffer around the top flange leaves virtually no maintenance. It drifts well and will plane with a 6 to 8hp engine.

The Fisher Delight
This 17ft boat is as its name suggests a delightful boat to handle and is a very popular boat for fly Fishing as it is a good drifter. It is also used a lot by wildfowlers.

The Fisher Supreme
Also known as the Corrib Drifter this boat surely lives up to its name for its drifting ability a great boat for the wet fly fisher. It is also popular with the trolling angler. It performs better on the water with the bigger outboard engine, because of it's wider stern. It is also a very dry boat in stormy conditions because of the shoulder design.

The Strangford Sixteen
A sturdy sea boat made to cope with the rougher sea conditions. This Boat is available with or without a cabin. A popular fishing boat for the sea fisherman.

Tohatsu Outboard Engines
We supply a range of Tohatsu 4 stroke outboard engines from 30hp down to 2.5hp. To view our full range click here

MCA Boats Factory
The MCA Boat factory is situated at Craigmore Industrial Estate. Where customers can come and view all the boats on show. Experts tradesmen will be at hand to answer any of your questions.

MCA Boats

Tel or Fax :
OFFICE : (028) 30268260
(After 6.00pm)

FACTORY : (028) 30262309
(Before 6.00pm)

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The Fisher Supreme

The King Fisher

The Fisher Delight

The Strangford 16

Tohatsu Outboards

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